Too many people die from metastatic colorectal cancer. More can be done to change that, by unlocking the treatment options available to those who need them most.

Although advances in treatment and care over the past 30 years that have led to increased survival rates and improved quality of life for people who have metastatic colorectal cancer, survival rates still remain unacceptably low.

Fewer than one in ten people will survive more than five years.

Bowel Cancer Australia, Bowel Cancer UK, Colon Cancer Alliance (US), Colorectal Cancer Canada, EuropaColon (Europe), Fight Colorectal Cancer (US) and Fondation A.R.CA.D. (France) have come together to make real change happen for people with metastatic colorectal cancer.

By working together the global Get Personal campaign hopes to ensure every patient with metastatic colorectal cancer is given the best treatment and care where ever they live in the world.
Get Personal is committed to:

  • Eliminating the variation between and within countries so that everyone, irrespective of where they live, has access to the best treatment and care.
  • Putting metastatic colorectal cancer firmly on the agenda of governments, health care providers and key decision-makers.
  • Campaigning for further research to address gaps in knowledge and support the development of new, innovative and effective treatments.
  • Raising awareness among patients, clinicians and policy-makers of the full range of tests and treatments to be made available.

Bowel cancer does not recognize borders, and neither do we.

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